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Pure. Premium. Native. Canadian.

Brands don’t get many chances to speak to their audience in an authentic voice – one that balances brand requirements (the message you want to share) with the expectations of the reader.

At Media-Corps, we’ve developed a platform that gives you the power to work directly with Canadian publishers who truly understand their audiences. Pure Native Campaigns leverage this expertise to maximize engagement with your brand’s message.


Most advertisements are considered intrusive. But native ads are different: When done right, they become a natural part of medium. A well-executed native ad is informative, relevant, and actionable.


Whether you want to bring your own content to us or need it developed from scratch, we can help you set up an optimized native campaign to reach your Canadian audience.

Our close relationships with Canada’s top publications ensure you get the best prices and the best ROI. Our partners include


(one of Canada’s most-visited news websites)


(local newspaper brand distributed in 100+ cities)


(Canada’s leading network)


(Canada’s leading french news site)


(Canada’s leading sports network)


(free newspaper with broad cross-country reach)

And many more niche publications to help you reach a highly targeted audience

Pure Native Campaigns Let You Control the Message

We'll help you navigate the Canadian media landscape. But, ultimately, you're in the driver's seat and can take advantage of our:

Performance dashboard

Tell us your goals and we'll give you customized reports to measure your campaign's effectiveness

Flexible cost models

Pay per click, impression, or lead - it's up to you. You only pay for the results you want to achieve

Powerful scale

We can reach more than 80% of Canadians through our network of publishers


Let Us Help You Launch Your Own Native Ad Campaign

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Once you’re logged in, you can input campaign information like demographics, geographic focus, budget, timing, goals, billing options, and more. If you don’t have all the data ready, don’t worry – we’ll be in touch with more information on how to get started and can help you fill in the gaps to build your campaign.

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FAQs About Native Advertising

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